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Expanding my Culinary Horizons….

I must thank so many of you for coming by, even though I wasn’t here. Life has taken on a whole new chapter and being “busy”, doesn’t even cover it.

What have I missed?…. This Blog, my kitchen, my writing. Man I can’t wait to get back into it!  I have only managed to cook up a few little surprises to my own delight, but something has come to light in my little family and I need to learn all over again. I am at a total loss. So I am hoping to find you all that are already in the “know” and learn and experiment.

What is this thing called Gluten that has changed so many lives? I refuse to take this as lightly as some I know. So the other ideas I have on my list will come second, right now the number one priority is learning how to cook up the best Gluten Free meals for my little girlie.  Yummy is her only request 🙂

Happy December, fellow Bloggers!


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