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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I have said THAT ^^ silly statement SO many times over the last… oh… Eleven years, but even as far back as the last 30. Yesterday it hit home in a huge way. Today, I can’t stop thinking about it. Relationships are two sided. You can’t make it right if it never existed.

Over the past two years I have read books and magazines, watched every YouTube video and talked to a hundred people, trying to learn how to be the Best Keeper of Bees. I thought I had covered every base to make sure I felt confident in what I REALLY wanted to be. More so, over the past eleven years, I tried to better myself… my view of the world, my attitude, and most of all my Soul, to figure out what I did wrong in a situation that left me heartbroken. Maybe even repair relationships I thought were broken, but in actuality, never really existed. Going back 30 years, I can remember always trying to make the best of every little situation, to make everyone happy no matter how, who, when, or why. I can still hear the eggshells cracking.

As I was driving the hour long trip home with two packages of bees, with a few freeloaders buzzing around the truck, showing off to the others stuck in boxes, this little phrase popped into my head with fireworks. I have the girls now. Do they need me as much as I need them? Doubtful. But hopefully they stick around long enough to let me find out.

I managed to get one of the packages in a hive. I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. I still feel like I let them down. It was such a fiasco, I decided it was best to leave the second package alone and just set them inside their hive for the night and try to do better in the morning. After all, it could have just been all the excitement of the day and finally getting them here after all these months of ‘preparing’. I can’t even describe the fiasco I came out to this morning. It was like the girls numbers had quadrupled from just last night. They were EVERYWHERE. Inside and outside the hive, on the stand, on the ground, on the tree above… every.damn.where. There were NOT that many bees last night. So I ran inside to get the super, and opened up the hive to see where Her Majesty was. I was told to leave her in her box, as she was just introduced to the bees yesterday afternoon. They all needed to bond. (hhmmm ok. No one told me THAT was a possibility.). So after as thorough an inspection as I could do under the circumstances, I moved the sugar water and food to the now installed Super. Had a few stern words for the girls, put the lid on and moved over to the second hive, leaving all the other bees where they were congregated. The second hive was a lot quieter, calmer, than it was last night. And after sleeping on it, I had already decided I wasn’t going to do this the same way I did the first one. I took out five of the frames and set the packaged bees down inside the box, carefully took out the can (that I JUST realized was not punctured all the way through for their food to feed them 😡 ) I pulled the Queen up to also find that there was no cork on the candy end 😡😡 and she had lots of company. So I slid the little cover off of the hole keeping them in the box and put the inner cover over them. Before leaving them be, I put their food and drink inside and covered them up.

And then just stood there and watched them all. Wondering. Will they stay or will they go? I can get a good look from the garden of the activity around them, and this afternoon all seemed the same… busy on the first hive (the Flow Hive) and little to no activity on the other. Now it’s raining. They aren’t out in the open, so hopefully they will be ok. They have a lot of work to do before the Queens are released, so now I will be worried for a few days.

And it comes right back to, You don’t know what you don’t know. Relationships are two sided. You can’t make it right if it never existed.

Until next time….

It really is a Sweet Beginning 🌻😊


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