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Life Happened

Five months. Has FLOWN By. Summer is over and life hasn’t skipped a beat …

I wish I could report that the Bees and the Garden kept me busy and there was a huge harvest of honey and veggies. But since it is the complete opposite, I won’t go into the gory details and show you who came into my life in April and then I had two surgeries, on the same foot. Which means nothing really got accomplished that was on the list for the great garden and apiary.


Luci Lu 2 months old

Every time I look over toward the garden from the window, I cry. We know what our gardens do for us.  It is my Sanity. I’ve had to pay a couple friends to keep it cleaned up and try to keep the plants alive. Even with all the negative there was a little bit of good that came out of the garden this Summer.  Our local Permaculture Group came over to get a load of seeds I had, so they could split them all up amongst themselves. At least those won’t go to waste. And the okra, cucumbers, and five or six different kinds of peppers went absolutely crazy without any help from me, so friends, family, and a couple of local food banks took huge batches of those.

The girls didn’t make out so well. Unfortunately, the yellow jackets took the two new hives I picked up in March and the last four swarmed. In the heat of August. One day they were there and busy, and the next, they were all gone. Craziness. I cried big for a few days about that. I miss those girls. There is a lot of clean up in the Apiary before Spring comes, so just another item on the To Do List.

There was a new addition to the property this Spring, and I cannot remember if my April blog even inc

luded it, but the local linemen came down and put up a pole with a nest holder on top of it. It’s about 55 feet up in the air, down on the side of the peninsula at the canal. She watches for fish and then dives in. Way Cool. This past couple of  weeks, there has been what looks like a new tenant! Here she is…. she comes and goes like she owns the place, so this Winter should be fun watching her get ready for a new family. 🙂

I have been able read (and listen to) a few books. If you haven’t read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, and Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens,  I highly recommend you getting the audible version of both. The accents and emotions alone make it worthwhile.  As it looks like I will be on the scooter for another month, or two, I am going to be trying my hand at quilting. One girlfriend is going to attempt to teach me, while another needs a special quilt made that I want to be the one to make. I hope I don’t disappoint. I’m looking for the right sewing machine now… any ideas?

There is big news coming soon and I cannot wait to get started. I don’t want to jinx it by spilling the beans, since I really don’t know how these things work. But you guys will be the sounding board of my learning as I move on, into the Next Big Thing. Not sure what is going to end up taking a back seat in life, but something will surely take a hit starting next month.  Real estate has been the busiest it has ever been for me, and a lot of “firsts” that made it seem like I was just starting out, and not been doing this for 21 years. Very Crazy my job of mine. But I love doing it.

There is one thing for certain, though… the Next Big Thing most definitely will NOT be cutting off the Garden and Apiary. I need those like I need air.


Luci 5 months old

Luci Lu 5 months old

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