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Visualize the Aroma

I am having trouble putting just the right photo with my thoughts lately. It will be strange not posting a photo here tonight that will tell you exactly what I want you to smell. I need a scratch and sniff screen… surely those are on the market by now, right??

It has been nothing short of one of the strangest weeks ever, so coming home tonight and walking into the most wonderful aromas coming from my very own kitchen, made up for the entire month of oddities.

My new kitchen toy this month was a dehydrator. Having all these herbs and vegetables hanging around the kitchen and dining room to ‘dry’ them got on my nerves quickly. So last night I finally got some of the cayenne peppers, chives, garlic, and shallots put into the dehydrator. The whole house smells like a real Italian eatery. I simply cannot believe this aroma is in MY house! I think I should have purchased more dehydrators. lol Maybe that’s not such a good idea. 

Here is a photo of the cayenne’s… my eyes are still burning from yesterday just cutting off the tops. The little buggars are potent!


There were too many ideas from helpful books, blogs and friends on the preparation and time for the herbs and vegetables, so I thought it best to just go with what I want to do with them in the end. Some are whole, some are cut a little, but none are chopped or minced like I read from a few out there. I want to freeze, chop or grind after the drying is done. I’ll let you know how they turn out!


I’m going to hurry up and wait for the final product now. I can’t help thinking about the sweet basil bush I need to cut and clean tomorrow. Getting it ready for basil puree for the freezer and drying some for my Italian and pizza seasoning mixes. I need to remember to go slow, before I know it, I will be picking the carrots, broccoli and other peppers to try new things with them. I am not known for patience, in case you haven’t noticed… this is going to be rough. 🙂

Have a great Sunday!


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