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It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Year Two!

Even though it seemed to take forever, it was really a fast year wasn’t it? I mean it seems like I just moved to the South Florida and started a small garden (that was 2013). But actually, I’m back in North Florida, four months now, and the 2015 garden is planted and growing beautifully.

I won’t bore you with all the experiments in the kitchen gone bad, or good. Or post about a thousand photos of said experiments. But I must show you this years garden. I’m so happy to be “home” with a real garden and not planting, and living, out of pots and buckets. I’m seriously ecstatic about being back “North”.   

Raised Garden is Fully Planted

Last year, I had a pot for each kind of pepper, 6 kinds, onions, carrots, and herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley & dill. I learned a lot of no-no’s, like “thinning” is Very important.

    The poor carrots & lettuce weren’t edible at all and the cross pollination made for some very odd looking peppers that tasted terrible. But the onions, rosemary and basil were awesome, while the caterpillars took over the dill and parsley.

So, this year, I start off with a huge pot of rosemary from last year, and everything else I started from seeds in the house or just planted the seeds in the garden this week. I’m finding it hard to believe that one of the three varieties of tomatoes has started flowering already and the beautiful Meyers lemon tree (obviously not planted from a seed haha)  has 5 lemons on it and is jam packed full of flowers. SO excited about THIS find at a local nursery.   

Potato Garden & Meyers Lemon Tree

I don’t know how long it is going to take to see some growth in my two experiments, but I can tell you it will feel like waiting for the pot to boil on simmer…..  I’m trying my hand at growing horseradish and ginger. Everything I read says its easy-peasy. Well, I have not seen anything but growing Rosemary be THAT easy. So we shall see.

Can’t wait to get these fruits & vegi’s in the kitchen to start cooking! Happy Gardening, Y’all!


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