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“How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?”

That was a quote of Julia Child. She really was a funny funny woman. But since having my very first attempt at trying to make bread today, I am feeling pretty accomplished since it doesn’t taste like kleenex!

To my knowledge, I followed the recipe to a T for making Hawaiian Buns. Obviously, I need more practice runs with this ingredient called YEAST.

This so called "Sponge" seemed quite dry.

This so called “Sponge” seemed quite dry.

The recipe called that ^^ a Sponge. It didn’t seem wet enough. But I left it alone.  Those little yeast beasts are in it. Sitting. Waiting.  hhmmm.

So then all the wet goodness mixed up and with the flour and salt and it all went in the mixer… as an after thought from baking, I might have needed to KNEAD it a little longer.

And now we wait. 2 hours.

                And now we wait. 2 hours.

I let the big ball, sit for almost 2 hours. The recipe called for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It definitely doubled in size. I thought that was all I was suppose to look for. I just don’t think so.

Then I read that it goes in the oven for 20-25 minutes, however it also says to use a thermometer and the bread will be done at 190*.  It didn’t say either/or.

So in goes the bread balls (I want buns for black & blue burgers this weekend). I set the timer, and the thermometer is inserted into one of the balls of dough. 15 minutes in and the thermometer goes off. 190* came fast. I peeked a look at the buns and they sure didn’t look done. Barely browned on top. So I gave them five more minutes.  Burned on the bottom

and don’t taste like Hawaiian Rolls AT ALL, but they do taste good. Soft and fluffy in the middle, but not as hard as they look on the outside. (except on the bottom)

Cindi's Version of Hawaiian (Not King) Rolls

      Cindi’s Version of Hawaiian                      (Not King) Rolls

Ok, so they won’t be used for Black and Blue Burgers… but will definitely be a great addition for the creamy potato soup I’m making tomorrow.

Ok, if you have a minute, is kneading longer a possible fix, or maybe just sitting longer than 2 hours to rise? And is that dry Sponge a major problem? The recipe came from the blog of King Arthur Flour, so I was sure it was going to be great.  But I am positive it’s me, not them.

Happy Wednesday!

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