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Elderberry Spread – A Name is NOT Just a Name

One can call this “Spread” whatever you like. Who knew there were so many names (Nine to date) to call a “Spread”. Depending on what ingredients you use, you can call it anywhere from a Spread, Jelly, Jam, Preserve, Marmalade, Coulis, Compote, “Sauce” (if made right is actually a ‘spread’) or Butter. But don’t get caught by the FDA calling anything a “Butter” if its not a specific Fruit. LOL In MY mind… THAT is called a Challenge. A “butter” will be attempted next. As this Elderberry Preserve I made below, was my first go-round with the fruit since my trees decided to make me a very proud Gardener this Summer.

Below is a general list of what I used to make this concoction. I didn’t really measure, because well…. I don’t like to measure. That’s why I don’t bake. Elderberries are different to cook with, compared to the likes of apples or strawberries… you will want to play around with them before making large batches. Especially since it takes so much to make just a few jars.

  1. 2 – 3 cups elderberries

  2. 1 chunk of homemade butter – not salted

  3. fresh squeezed myer lemon juice

  4. pectin (I didn’t measure it, but it was minimal as this is the first time playing with Elderberries)

  5. a tad more than a cup of local honey

  6. 2-ish cups sugar

In a pot over medium heat, add berries and mash. Stirring and mashing until the juice reaches a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

On medium heat, add lemon juice and pectin. Add butter, then turn heat to high until it is at a rolling boil.

Once mixture continues to boil even when stirred, start to add the the honey, then sugar. Stir until mixture returns to a boil, boil for a minute, no more, and move from heat and pour from hot pot to a bowl to cool.

Deliciousness on an Everything Bagel

Everything about this “Spread” is wonderful! All the more fun and tasty when the key ingredients come from your own gardens or a friend’s…. elderberries, Myers Lemon, and butter from Sweet Beginnings and honey from a friend not far away.

Myers Lemon Tree – Five years old, in need of a serious trim job again this winter

Have a Fabulous October, y’all!

Cindi, aka The Flavorthusiast

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