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Soup & a Sandwich

Across the country the weather is cooling off. I am in South Florida wishing the weather is cooling off. My kitchen is begging for fall recipes to be started and its too daggum hot to make them. So, the next best thing… crank the a/c down, and start with a soup and a sandwich, right? Until recent years, I didn’t understand all the different ways everyone was making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a bowl of Tomato Soup. Now, the thought of even buying those prepackaged, individually wrapped, slices of cheese, makes my head shake. LOL

  I feel the need to apologize to my kids for all those years of grilled cheese sandwiches made with love but no imagination at all. I AM trying to make up for it. But they say its going to be many many years of before they will forgive and forget, so just keep on cooking up the new ones, Mom. 🙂  Love my, kiddos. And sooo love mixing it up on the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for them.

Asking another question for you that play with your food… is it really a grilled cheese sandwich if there is more than cheese on it? Like meats… then it turns into another beast all together, right?

Not that it matters, of course. A good sandwich with an awesome bowl of soup, doesn’t need a name, does it? 🙂

Have a great week playing with your food!


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