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Roasted Garlic & Thrice Baked Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic

Today’s request was an order of Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus to go with their dinner of pork tonight. I wasn’t asked to cook the protein, only the vegetables. I asked if I could do them My way or do they prefer them a certain way. I was given full reign to cook how I pleased, but it needed to be enough for 4 people.

I was SO excited!

I took two whole garlic heads and cut the tops and bottoms off, setting each in a piece of aluminum foil. I then drizzled my homemade habanera & tequila oil over them and wrapped them up in a ball and baked them for about 15 minutes. I knew they were done when the kitchen was suddenly over come in the most beautiful garlic fragrance.

Roasted Garlic in Habanero & Tequila Oil

Roasted Garlic in Habanero & Tequila Oil

The potatoes were baked in the oven, peeled and cut up into chunks. I put them in the Dutch Oven with lots of unsalted butter and one head of the roasted garlic minced and stirred in and baked, again. I wish I had smellovision!

After the potatoes have cooked down for about 30 minutes, I poured in about a cup of heavy cream, a dash of salt and whip them up in the mixer until the consistency you like. Sprinkling freshly grated Pecorino Romano over the whole pot of mashed potatoes… and then….

Bake again! Until the cheese is lightly browned.

It’s Scrumptious!! 🙂

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