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Reverse Sear Boneless Ribeye… Yay or Nay?

I tried my hand at Reverse Searing last night. Not being completely convinced this wouldn’t ruin a perfectly good piece of meat, I followed the directions exactly as at least two others online, had said it should be done. They were word for word exact. But I didn’t have exactly what they called for.

The recipes had called for two pound steaks. And didn’t specify bone-in or boneless. I used one pound boneless steaks, salt and ground pepper to taste and then salt and peppered ALOT more. Let sit either all day in the fridge or over night. I have not done over night. As I said, I don’t take chances on perfectly good pieces of meat.

My Reverse Searing for one pound steaks: Pre-heat oven to *275 oven, Put room temperature steaks on a rack on a cookie sheet, and cook until they reach 125* internal temp. (which took about 25 minutes)…  Let Rest on counter for 15 minutes; Sear 1st side for 1 minute (they say you can use a little oil if you like, I did and wouldn’t do it again) Sear 2nd side for 1 1/2 minutes or until reach 135* (it took the 1 1/2 min to get to 135*)

I was trying to reach temp of 135* for Medium Rare,  and steaks came out Medium Well.

Don’t forget… Meat needs to be at room temperature before cooking is started. I need that written on a sign in my kitchen. And be sure to use a temperature probe at all times. Don’t waste your product with using time only. I am so glad I purchased a good probe… it helps with a crappy oven. 🙂  Also, the quality of the meat makes a HUGE difference.  I usually purchase my meat, especially my steaks at Carmines Gourmet Grocery in South Florida. These ribeye steaks are from Publix, which are good, but not GREAT. And they tasted incredible, just over cooked for my taste.

A couple of weeks ago, I made two, 2lb, Bone-in Ribeyes using the old fashioned sear in a skillet for a couple minutes, and cook (450*) in oven for 4 minutes on each side… let rest for a couple minutes.  They were the best steaks we had ever eaten. I wasn’t impressed with the reverse searing for my steaks, but it was definitely a fun time in the kitchen.

Have you tried reverse searing?  What do you think I should have done differently?    Besides buying a new oven, I think I did all I could do to get to temperature, but not cooking longer I would have gotten to my desired tenderness. hhmmm… more playing is do be done. another time.

Have a great week!


Reverse Sear Boneless Ribeye

Reverse Sear Boneless Ribeye

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