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Preserving Makes New Flavors

Preserved Lemons with Chili Peppers & Tangerine Peel

Preserved Lemons w/ Chili Peppers & Tangerine Peel

This past week, I cooked lamb chops and another night I cooked up some shrimp and calamari, using some preserved lemons or the juice of, for flavoring. Both times I still wanted MORE. More flavor in the lemons.

So off to the kitchen today to play with the lemons. I want more of a ‘kick’, and a little more something I can’t quite put my taste buds on. So one of today’s batches included tangerine skins and chili peppers.  In another, I put cloves and star anise with jalepeno & chili peppers.

Lamb Chops w/Roasted Beets, Carrots & Preserved lemons

Lamb Chops w/Roasted Beets, Carrots & Preserved lemons

This was fun.  And now I’m hungry….

Craving mushrooms of all things…. hhhmmm

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