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Just Soup

Sometimes, you need a little something, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Try as I might, nothing was working, ridding this feeling deep down.   The days have been long, the nights have been restless. The weather hasn’t even been unbearable. I guess it is just that time of year, where everything comes to a head, and taking in one more day is asking way too much.

Today was that day.

I don’t even remember being in the kitchen thinking about cooking.  I woke up about the time the onions, garlic, celery and carrots were sizzling in the pan of bacon. The smell was fabulous.  I always cook the veggie’s in with the bacon, if you haven’t tried it… I highly recommend it.

I started feeling better almost instantly, cooking again. THAT’s what I was missing. Grabbed another pot, and added a container of homemade chicken stock with the veggies, bacon (crumbled) and of course, half of the bacon grease. In the frying pan, with half of the bacon grease, I put in about 8 small filets of tilapia and seasoned them up with my mix of cayenne & black pepper, garlic, & onion powders and left to brown up some.

Back to the pot of stock, I shook in two jigs of Worcestershire sauce and threw in a few pinches of kosher salt, and chopped up a half a head of broccoli. In a small bowl, I mixed up about a half a cup of sour cream and a heaping 1/4 c of flour and scooped this mixture into the stock.  Did I mention the fish aroma is outstanding?  Breaking it up as I pick it up, into the pot it goes.  Left it on low for a little while to thicken up and get all flavory and all.  Just when it was time to make a bowl, I poured in about two cups of heavy cream.

Oh. My.

fish and brocolli soup

Today, I found my “something”.

I love my kitchen.

I forgot to season the oyster crackers. It’s going to be a long winter… I must season the crackers tomorrow.

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