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did you hear the news today? oh boy…

If you never made it to Herbie’s down in Marathon, in the Florida Keys…

You are too late.  They closed.  And it’s the saddest thing ever. 😦


Today, I had my first experience, ever, making conch filets. Herbie’s did it right. No fillers, no imitation anything… just conch, and lightly seasoned breading. I have no idea how they made theirs so awesome.

First I have to admit, until today, after being gifted the conch I used for my first attempt, I had no idea I could go to the store and purchase conch. Probably not as fresh, and frozen once or twice, but they do sell it. Also, I had no idea it was against US law to harvest conch. So, with that being said, I’m going to be really depressed if I can’t find a way to make this any ol’ time I feel like it.

I did do a little research on how to prepare the meat before actually cooking it. There was one person on this world wide web that suggested putting the conch in a brine for a few hours. I think that one tidbit made the biggest difference in the whole process. After brining, I knew the tenderizing with the mallet would be next. And after watching several videos… I was still NOT prepared for the mess that almost ruined dinner. But! I caught myself and slowed down the use of said mallet. It’s a vicious, but oh so necessary tool when it comes to preparing conch. (and if you see some of the same videos I saw… Don’t Use the Clawed Hammer!)

Conch, Goat Cheese Medallions & Spicey Mango Chutney

Conch, Goat Cheese Medallions & Spicey Mango Chutney

By the time I got to the last few pieces, I had them looking more like filets than fried chicken, and every single morsel was scrumptious… just remember, when playing with the seasoning, a little bit goes a long way, the brine does almost all the work for you 🙂

It was a great experience… one that I hope I have many more times in the near future.

As you know, I highly recommend playing with your food, every chance you get.



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