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Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Casserole




1/3 c sliced morel (or portabella if you can’t find morel) mushrooms 1/3 c sliced shiitake mushrooms 1/3 c sliced porcini mushrooms 6 pieces chicken thighs 2 shallots, chopped 5 cloves roasted garlic, mashed 1 Tbl Capers 1 c Crème fraîche 2 c heavy cream 1 c Madeira Wine 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 4 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste Pecorino Romano Cheese


Preheat oven to 350º F.

Rinse mushrooms well, lightly pat dry with paper towels and set aside. Season chicken legs with salt and pepper, and dredge in flour, shaking off excess.

Browned Chicken Thighs in butter and garlic

Browned Chicken Thighs in butter and garlic

In a large  pan, heat 3 tablespoons butter and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil over medium-low heat. In two batches, cook chicken & 2 garlic cloves, browning both sides, for a total of 8-10 minutes. Transfer chicken to an over-proof casserole dish.

Add remaining butter and olive oil to saute pan and add mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and capers. Cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously so they don’t burn. Add wine to the vegetables and let mixture reduce by half, 3-4 minutes. Then add in heavy cream, sour cream, and a pinch of salt and pepper.Bring mixture to a boil and cook until thickened, 6-8 minutes.

Pour mushroom sauce over chicken, shave cheese over top, and bake for 15 minutes, or until chicken is heated through. Add more cheese after if you wish.

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