The VERY First thing to do is talk to a Mortgage Professional that has all, or most, of the available programs to save you money and time and heartache.

Not all Mortgage Companies, like REALTORS, are created equal!

Just like your Realtor, your Mortgage Professional should have extensive experience, and be a leader in the mortgage industry themselves. Not just the company they work for. 



Real Estate Professional

1. Don't stay inside the home. Don't make yourself available for chit chat with the Buyer's or their Realtor. EVER. What you say WILL be held against You.
2. Take ALL of your animals with you... even the turtles and birds. Some people don't like other species, some are allergic, some want to adopt...
3. Leave copies of utility bills, appliance/pest/home warranties, etc.. for Buyers to look at (not take with them) And if you haven't already - make copies for your Realtor so they can put with your Seller's Disclosure ... PLEASE.
4. Remember this is a business transaction - When your Realtor suggests things to you, you don't have to listen - but please don't take it personally. We want to sell your home in a timely manner just like you.
5.When you are looking for feedback from a showing of your home and your Realtor doesn't get you that information - trust me it's not because they don't want to. It is VERY hard to get feedback from other Realtors. I can hound some for months and months for feedback and they just don't return the favor. Don't take it personally.
6. You want your home to be remembered in the long list of houses the Buyers have seen - leave notes, cpld bottled water, the cutesy things your kids have done (wall drawings, the smell of something awesome baking in the kitchen, etc..) Don't bake cookies and leave them out.. people have allergies, or they just aren't as good to some folks as other.. don't be remembered for the house with the burnt cookie smell :)
7. Has the yard been mowed recently? Dead trees been removed? That shed that looks like it will cave in... will.
8. If you walked into your home right now, AS A BUYER... what would YOU say or think? Be objective and repair, clean or remove whatever it is you find.

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