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Everyone has their favorite place to go to look at Properties for Sale. On the right hand side are links to various sites. is my favorite for Buyers and Sellers to use, because you can set up your own account and mark properties you like, or have questions about, and I can go into your account (with your permission) and see exactly what you saw and answer your questions right there as your wrote it. I have had great success with this in the past, as I can also mark properties on your account I want you to see. 

I can always send properties from the local Multiple Listing Services. It is way easier and I can access more information on each property.

I am sure you have heard all the stories about Zillow. They aren't as bad as the old days, but I have found properties that aren't really for sale, and properties that had recently sold that weren't updated.

So, use the links, see what you are more comfortable with, but remember, if you don't use any of the sites as they are intended, your experience won't be as good as it should be.


4/2.5 Pool Home - Orange Park  -   $270,000

3/1 Bungalo - Jax - Murray Hill area - $162,000

Mobile Home Park - Jax - Westside - $310,000

1.3 acre lot - Middleburg - $65,000 (septic/elec)

2/2 Mobile - 1.7 acre Sampson Lake Starke $194,000